Ya know, Genderstyn had a nice forest feel to most of its holes. Awesome playing within the confines of pine trees with bits of water sprinkled throughout. But… after topping one 10 meters into the ladies tee, then spinning two off into Yogi bears neck of the woods… yea, well, at least it was pretty.

Hole types were a mixture of very straight sparsely tree lined juxtaposed with invisible dog legs with shots over lakes. The straight ones were ok, despite a few power lines and giant towers, but the dog legs were real challenges. BEASTLY for me. Not to mention a green with a bunker in the middle of it! Seriously… I have never seen that!

Bit o’ fun with a friendly feel and a big shout out to the staff and our playing partners were great as well, really friendly, nice and funny too. Not a bad day out!