Ya know, when ya start off, and are feeling ok, then simply hit a tornado of bad shots it’s like being physically pummelled by a golf course? Yea it was like that. I have to admit though, Daniel fought like a freaking champ.

We played here for the Burggolf Business championship. And If it wasn’t for Daniel and Coen Wegbrans (our partner for the championship) we never would have gotten third.

6 holes of middling play made me think, I may be able to pull together some decent numbers for the team, no pars yet, but a few ok bogies. Ok, calm the nerves. Then… 3 quadruple bogies on a row!!! 🙁 Owwwwch… Now that hurrrrrrts.

Daniel hit two double bogies, which is a lot for him, which shows that the course is not overly easy. But 2 birdies helped a lot. Followed by a decent amount of pars, and he managed a very respectable 4 over par for his round. Putting strongly he was able to tame, a actually quite fun yet challenging, course. Nicely done.

Hole one (we played out of order) really beat me up though. I mean, to a huge level of pain. A 5 over par… 10 just about had me heading out to the insane asylum when out of nowhere I closed with 3 pars in a row! Golf is really a… well.. you can insert your own word here: ___.

Weird course, pretty forest setting mind you, but lots of water, thick trees and competition nerves made for a tough day at Wijchen. Still fun, in a masochist sort of way, but definitely tough.