Now, some people like a nice walk spoiled, or an excuse to get out in nature, …or prefer a challenge that tests the limits of one’s abilities, …or just like “scoring”. The Drentsce offers all of these.
The 27 holes gives you a variety of combinations and getting a tee time the same day shouldn’t be a problem.

It’s a very well rounded, beautiful course, with long, but not insanely so, technical holes, but not overly so that your knees quake when you tee it up. Some fairways are rolling with beautiful pine trees, while others are more technical where positioning is very important.
Greens are amazing and if you are not a wimp, they are fair and fun. A wonderful course for some serious golf.

The practice facilities are very good and the big golf shop makes you feel like a kid in a candy shop.
The friendly staff makes you feel welcome in the very cozy restaurant and they have a surprisingly extensive menu.
The Drentsche Golf & Country Club even has a golf lodge with 24 very nice rooms!