We played the Hoge Dijk for the Swedish Golf Club of Nederland’s mid-summer golf tournament (http://www.svgk.nl/). It was a beauty of a day, good company and a ton of fun. Lovely weather with a light breeze and a well maintained course prepared us for some quality golf and hopefully low scores.. but… umm sadly… no.

This course, and more so our sloppy play, just… kicked our butts. Both Daniel and I struggled to get anything going, I smacked a bunch of drives into the trees more often than not. And Daniel had 6(!) lip-outs. It’s not a overly difficult course, or even super intimidating… but 1) bunkers guarding the front of greens, (2) fairly long distance on some holes, (3) undulating greens that were sometimes darn fast and sometimes less so…  made for a tricky day of golf indeed.

However, as a small bit of consolation, as predicted by Daniel, I won the long drive competition! 259 meters right down the center of the fairway. An absolute bomb! And a darn cool award for that too, a weekend in a brand new Volvo. Sweet! Many thanks to the Swedish Golf Club for allowing me to play, and organising a wonderful day.

We will have to come back another time to tighten up our play and do a nice Vlog, it’d be nice to give it another go!