Ya know when part of your game just goes bye bye? You feel like being stranded on an a desert island, in this case, my island was a a putting green of unreadability. You could have placed a golf cup 1 foot in front of my ball and I still would have struggled. Grrrrr. Frustrating to be sure.

The Hooge Rotterdamsche is a very pretty and fairly challenging course. Specifically, canted fairways and elevated greens that require precision made for some tough play on an otherwise beautiful day. A pleasing environment, well maintained all around and cleverly laid out holes with a generous number of trees and plentiful water hazards. You had plenty of wonderful distractions to look at while your putt rolls off the back (or front) of yet another green!

Daniel and I both struggled and some late decent play from myself meant I managed to climb back to even in our match, but it wasn’t easy! Daniel has the ability to have an off day and still play a pretty darn decent round. If I have an off day my score can launch waaaay into triple figures looking more like my own personal weight (in pounds!!!) instead of an actual golf score. That’s why he’s evil…. an evil Swedish man.

But the facilities and staff washed any unhappiness with my poor putting away. They were very friendly and professional and we felt very welcomed there. High marks for that! Oh and food was good too, Daniel had a shrimp pasta that was indeed quite yummy.

All in all a great day, marred only with my cruddy putting, but hey c’est la vie!