Wow! Some solid golf on a really nice course made for a pretty darn good match! The course kept it exciting with nice fairways speckled with tough bunkers, fun and friendly second cuts alongside wicked out of bounds water, and undulating greens that were seriously speedy, but rolled darn pure. Yet another very good day indeed.

Somehow I got off to a lead a bit early today, that in itself is a rarity, but combined with some decent putting was a game changer for me. Daniel and I battled back and forth, the Evil Swede playing his usual standard of “kick ya in the gut golf”, and even though I started strong, a horrific 3rd hole threatened to tear me down. Oddly, the course helped me out.

Sometimes you play a course where the greens are bumpy like a Dutch “poffertjes pan”, or they are designed to trick your vision to see breaks that don’t exist. That was not the case at Ooghduyne. A well struck putt would roll true to its line and if ya read it right… it’ll be good. Not to mention a course design that is favorable to a fader, that also helped. Stay outta the fluffy bunkers and you can score here.

I shot one of the best nine hole matches of my life to keep it interesting and Daniel played solid the whole round. And ending with a seriously dramatic 9th hole, it was easy to see why we had smiles when the really nice staff saw us walk into the clubhouse for a much needed beer. Quality day at a quality course. Well done Ooghduyne for going that extra step to take care of their facility, and having the pride to happily share it with others.

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