Daniel is an evil man. He just is. Anyone who can win matchplay so often on the last two holes should simply have horns on their forehead, (of course he would respond by saying, “stop shanking on the 18th ya fårskalle!”) Meh.

Match play aside, Sluispolder is a nice course with a little bit of length but very inviting fairways. You can pretty much swing away here and not worry about flying off into meter thick rough. That freedom can leave some nice 3 wood approaches or even a long 5 iron. I had one of the best holes of my life here with a 200 meter dead straight drive followed by a 190 meter 3 wood to the green! RAD! Game on!

If not for the 17th and 18th… grumble grumble…

Not to mention, it’s got cool greens with interesting borders and nice protection to round out this very enjoyable course. The bunkers are very well maintained, of course you try to avoid them but an occasional sand shot is cool-a-roo in these mini deserts. It’s a typical Dutch “polderbaan” so not many trees but wind will make your round tougher.

When you’re done with playing your round you’re welcomed by the nice staff in the clubhouse where, in winter time, the fireplace is burning. Cozy clubhouse with good grub too!