This is a monster of a course as in, very spread out. As a matter of fact, if Godzilla mated with a golf resort, this is what you’d get. I think we actually walked an extra couple of kilometers on top of a decent 14k already! It has four 9 hole courses, a driving range, cozy restaurant putting greens and all the rest. In the summer, the bridges, small streams and large trees would make for a really nice walk (as a matter of fact there is a public walking path that runs right alongside, and even through parts of the course). Even though it was long walk the holes were quite manageable. The par threes were easily reachable unless you shank like a demon and put it dead right 90 degrees for a quick swim in a nearby pond. DOH!

Course was in pretty good condition considering it was the first week of January, (unfortunately frozen streams didn’t save me from the darn water hazards) and the only real bother were some power lines and hitting off mats at the tees to preserve the tee boxes, but yea… it was January after all.

Still even the chill air couldn’t keep the smiles off our faces, the course wasn’t terrifically difficult and allowed for some decent swings with the driver. Never stepped up to the tee saying “holy crap what the hell am I supposed to do with this?!” Greens were decent and the restaurant served a good fish and chips to boot. We may head back to this one and update with some nice summer pics!

New VLOG Video! We went back and shot a round of match play!


Some nice pics from the winter: