Golf is a fickle game, where the highs and lows can crush the hopes of the most sturdy of sports players. So I say: at least try and experience it in lovely surroundings. My game at Westwood was a Tale of Two Cities, in that it was either “on” or “off”. Started out up after the first and somehow managed to get two strokes ahead of “The Evil Swede” halfway through 9 holes. Solid! Some nice drives and good approach shots, along with lovely greens to make putting a very nice experience, helped my round to a good halfway point.

Westwoud is a course where half of it is built on top of an old landfill hill. Which gives it the rare (in Holland) quality of varying levels of elevation. This is seriously lovely to play on. The first nine is mostly a very pretty course laid out through the field and it is always nice playing through the Dutch countryside, but it’s really a step up in beauty and challenge to play the second nine with undulating fairways and approaches from different heights. Nice!

We had a great day of excitement at Westwoud, and a nice lunch to boot. A golf day that had drama, down to the very last hole. Check out the video of our match to see what I mean!

Check out part 1 here: