For a YouTube golf lesson series that we are making we were looking for the narrowest golf course in the Netherlands.
I’ve got a big fade ball flight and the goal of this YouTube series is for me to be able to hit straighter shots.
That’s why we were looking for a course so tight that it would be a problem for my fade/slice and a couple of friends told us to go to Spandersbosch.
Our friends were right, Spandersbosch has a couple of very narrow holes!

Golfpark Spandersbosch has a 9 holes B status course (Boschbaan) and a par 3 “pay and play” course (Crailoobaan).
We played 18 holes on the Boschbaan.

On hole 2 I got in trouble right away, a tight par 3 where a straight shot is a must.
Of course I sliced my ball in to the woods and the first bogey was a fact.

The Boschbaan is very nice, the holes aren’t long but they are narrow with a good layout which makes it very hard to make par.
A couple of raised greens and tee boxes makes for a spectacular view over the course.
Good fairways, greens and bunkers for me is always a guarantee for a fun round and that was definitely the case here!

We shot some good footage for the series, when the series is done we will put a link to it here.

We want to thank Golfpark Spandersbosch for their hospitality, everything was arranged for us which made it possible to shoot out video footage.
You guys should really come here to play a round, we challenge you to play your handicap on this tough course! 🙂

Golfpark Spandersbosch op