At the first hole I beat him. Played a sweet tee shot and quality approach. Made par while “The Evil Swede” was playing in the sandbox. Up after one hole was kind of new for me, and I have to admit it didn’t help my next hole which I decided to swing along with Tarzan through the trees. Meh.

To be fair it was a bit of a grey day, but nice surroundings made it just fine. A tough back and forth match actually which was fun… and what was more, I was able to putt too for some reason and that just made it all the better. A valiant battle on a course with enough impediments to keep things close. All square was a fitting result on a day that we really fought each other. I think though, yes, we will have to come back another day to sort this one out in front of the camera!

10-08-2005 Golfcentrum De Batouwe, Type: poldercourse, Architect: Alan Rijks, Van Empelen and Van Aalderen, 27 holes, Zoelen, The Netherlands. The clubhouse.