I had a feeling that Heemskerkse Golf course would be a place for me to do well. And I could offer a serious challenge to “The Evil Swede”. Heemskerkse is a nicely laid out polder course, with a decent amount of space to attack the course properly. I had a chance to play some solid golf in a nice environment. What I forgot was that same course would be laid bare for Daniel.

Oops, my bad. Every hole where I thought, “Yessssss! This hole is mine!” Daniel would play it better. Every time I thought, “No way he can hit out of that bunker,”…I’d top my next shot into a lovely bit of water. This was a case of me just not coming through. I won a few holes here, but not enough to topple the giant.

A very nice course though, pretty and well maintained. A fair bit of water though made for some difficulty when I thought, really, that I would be ok. So in all a cleverly laid out polder course which yea, don’t hit it in the water, and you’ll be fine!