You know that when boxing gloves are out at the golf course, ….it’s on. A grudge match for our 50th Vlog!

We were challenged by Erik and Vincent at their home course of Naarderbos. This is a very nice course with lovely surroundings, interestingly laid out holes with many different types of shots in play. It was almost like an old spaghetti western though and I am sure there were a few tumbleweeds drifting about as it hasn’t rained in Holland for months (which makes no sense). But it didn’t matter, Erik and Vincent proved to be stalwart foes, even bringing out a boxing glove to try and topple some of our better shots. They had a significant advantage though as, for some reason, bunkers were programmed to spit their shots out and gobble ours up! Kind of unfair, but a reoccurring phenomenon we have seen on several members home courses.

Holes were quite fun to play as they had a pretty varied layout. Hazards and challenging bits placed nicely with good risk reward with larger shading trees to give a nice forest vibe, then suddenly a hole with a more links feel. All in all, lots of smiles abounded as you will see in the Vlog, and Daniel and I will be returning for sure!

Check out the VLOG of this boxing match here: