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Prise d’eau Golf - Course # 45

Written on 9 juli 2017 in Noord-Brabant

Ya’ know, if I could putt… just a wee bit… it’d literally change my life. And I would be getting free beers from da “Evil Swede” …constantly! I played a very good round for me. Under my handicap even, but if I could putt it would have been just sooo much better. It was a...

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Golfpark Spandersbosch - Course # 44

Written on 30 mei 2017 in Noord-Holland

In verband met een golfles YouTube series die wij aan het opnemen zijn waren wij op zoek naar de smalste golfbaan van Nederland. Ik heb een flinke fade balvlucht en het doel van deze YouTube series is om wat rechtere ballen te leren slaan. Om deze reden zochten wij een baan die zo smal is...

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Golf en Countryclub Heiloo - Course # 43

Written on 22 mei 2017 in Noord-Holland

Op deze mooie dag, op een golfbaan tussen mooie Nederlandse velden vond een strijd plaats. Een dappere strijd tussen goed en kwaad. Een gevecht tussen goed gevulde bunkers, kronkelende slootjes en gemanicuurde greens. Ik heb meer van de goed gemaaide fairways geraakt dan ooit in mijn leven en “De gemene Zweed” moest alles uit de...

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Golfbaan Tespelduyn - Course # 41

Written on 23 maart 2017 in Zuid-Holland

Today we both left the golf course with goofy smiles slapped across our faces. We didn’t feel beaten up, which happens so very often on golf courses, not at all today. Instead we were, well… elated! Our games were pretty good, but this course just made playing fun! The massive hill in the center made...

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Heemskerkse Golfclub - Course # 40

Written on 22 maart 2017 in Noord-Holland

I had a feeling that Heemskerkse Golf course would be a place for me to do well. And I could offer a serious challenge to “The Evil Swede”. Heemskerkse is a nicely laid out polder course, with a decent amount of space to attack the course properly. I had a chance to play some solid...

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BurgGolf Gendersteyn - Course # 36

Written on 23 december 2016 in Noord-Brabant

Ya know, Genderstyn had a nice forest feel to most of its holes. Awesome playing within the confines of pine trees with bits of water sprinkled throughout. But… after topping one 10 meters into the ladies tee, then spinning two off into Yogi bears neck of the woods… yea, well, at least it was pretty....

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Golfclub Anderstein - Course # 32

Written on 27 november 2016 in Utrecht

Golfclub Anderstein is a beautiful golf course with 27 holes. Although not located on the countryside the arrival has a rural feel to it. The old style clubhouse is beautiful and the practice facilities are very nice. One area of the course has narrow holes with lots of trees, while the other area has open holes with lots of...

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Burggolf de Purmer - Course # 30

Written on 20 november 2016 in Noord-Holland

What can I say, we’re members at this course and we’ve played it like 400 times between us. And while the mud can be an issue, it’s been a location that has allowed us to grow as players. It’s got a great practice area, and 4 x 9 hole courses with varying difficulties to allow...

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Golfclub Dirkshorn - Course # 29

Written on 17 november 2016 in Noord-Holland

Golfclub Dirkshorn is a tough course! An inland links course (with some water hazards 🙂 ) which seems to be located in some kind of a magic vortex area where there’s always a lot of wind… A long course that makes you reach for your woods so often that you after a while start to...

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Golfclub Houtrak - Course # 28

Written on 9 november 2016 in Noord-Holland

Houtrak is a “solid” course. Nice greens, pretty fairways with a bit of up and down in them. Every few holes a nice tee shot from the trees. The course is long and makes you grab your driver more often than most courses. From the back tees it’s a 6411 meter monster! If you can...

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