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BurgGolf Gendersteyn - Course # 37

Written on 23 december 2016 in Noord-Brabant

Ya know, Genderstyn had a nice forest feel to most of its holes. Awesome playing within the confines of pine trees with bits of water sprinkled throughout. But… after topping one 10 meters into the ladies tee, then spinning two off into Yogi bears neck of the woods… yea, well, at least it was pretty....

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Prise d’eau Golf - Course # 28

Written on 4 november 2016 in Noord-Brabant

Prise d’eau surprised us, in a good way… Placed in a unique landscape with a creative course architecture makes for an fun round. Some holes are outlined with trees, other are wide and open with nice views of the other holes. Undulated fairways and greens challenge you by very often putting the ball below your...

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