I had ta club down here. Yes, I hit it that long. …No, not really, it’s just that my middle name is “Mc Slice”… Which yea, you can’t really do here. Not only would it be unfair to bean some poor golfer in the head on a nearby fairway, if ya can’t keep it in the fairway here, you just gotta pack up and head home. But a lower club, no driver, was actually a pretty good strategy for me. Probably should do it more often!

De Heelsum is a links style course, set into the Dutch countryside with sanded fairways for year round golf. We played the Sandr-Airborne courses and it was a lot of fun, but challenging for an average golfer. I had a lot of extra strokes here though so our match was able to go a little longer than I thought it would. 🙂 Daniel was solid, he had a few errant tee shots, to be sure, as the fade is also less than ideal here. But with dead sharp irons and wedges, not to mention typical good putting, he was able to dismantle my game fully.

3 woods and long irons was more than enough to get some good approaches here. But I still struggled as I was just too intimidated. We’ll have to come back and maybe a quick little nip of whisky on the first hole would be a good idea to calm my nerves.