Ya’ know, if I could putt… just a wee bit… it’d literally change my life. And I would be getting free beers from da “Evil Swede” …constantly! I played a very good round for me. Under my handicap even, but if I could putt it would have been just sooo much better.

It was a busy day at Prise D’eau Golf course on account of it being the ING Golfweek. Which was awesome to see. Nice food, people loving golf, even followed Peter Schmeichel and Ronald de Boer around 9 holes of Prise D’eau’s gorgeous 27. (They played really well!) Then we got to play 9 on Prise D’eau’s De Leij course. A very nice undulating course, laid out amongst beautiful trees, and a couple little lakes.

I started off strong (before the vlog), on hole 1 the only one in my flight to make the green in regulation, (only to 3 putt grrrr), then making 200 meter over “valley of death” shots with my 3 wood landing on the green to try and make birdie on the third hole. So I was feeling good as we started rolling the cameras. It drives me nutz though. Daniel can make pars, like clockwork. Even when he misses the green by a bunch, he’s a damn good scrambler and putter. And each par that he pulls outta nowhere is a dagger to be honest… stabbing away at my composure.

Prise D’eau was lovely though. The greens were smooth and true, which is always such a benefit… (then again, had they been awful, it probably would have worked in my favour!) A really enjoyable day on a very nice course. Have a look at the 6 hole vlog and let us know what you think!