You know when you play a course that seems like it’s going to be no problem and, well, you are wrong? You do your due diligence, you look at the course layout, some pictures online and maybe a video or two, and you think, “Ohhhhh, I can do that!” But when you step up to the first tee with a ripping side/headwind, you find yourself wondering if you have a bazooka somewhere hidden in your golfbag that may get your tee shot to the fairway… Yea that was indicative of my day at Rijswijkse golf club.

The giant Swede and I played here with The Swedish Golfclub (hence no video, sorry) and had a very nice time. (Always a great time with The Swedes!) The course was in good condition and on paper, although a bit long, seems fairly straightforward. Conditions however made it pretty darn difficult, turning longish crooked holes into upriver slogs. Suddenly bogey was a decent score for Mr. Bjork. Which was pretty infuriating for him. Still he shot 6 over par form the back tees and made 2 birdies; while I shot a million over, but… had some good holes just to give me hope. In fact I carded my fist Swedish tournament birdie (they give you a cute silver figurine for each one, mine now sits next to my daughters bed). And also rattled the stick with another birdie attempt with the old Chipo and managed a handful of pars on a few holes.

It’s a nice looking course, with a nice pro shop and restaurant. A large elevated deck overlooks the course giving a pleasant view of a few of the holes. The rough isn’t totally crazy, holes aren’t overly technical. And some of them are very pretty indeed. I really liked the 16th hole which played 187 meters, slight downhill, slight breeze behind and looks like a welcoming hug to be honest. Daniel liked the short par 5 third hole. Which, if I had a little more course knowledge, I would have liked as well. Maybe less club off the tee to avoid the “perfect for my driver” small bunker… and an easy 6 iron layup. Definitely, don’t hit the green with speed, as it will fly over into the water hidden behind.

Yes, a nice day overall, but mind the wind, tune out some of the highway noise, avoid the plentiful water and pay close attention to the map! (Probably good advice on any course… 😉 )


  • Open fairways

  • Approach to the third

  • Frog hoppin

  • A look at the nice clubhouse

  • Oh yea, Daniel won...