Today we both left the golf course with goofy smiles slapped across our faces. We didn’t feel beaten up, which happens so very often on golf courses, not at all today. Instead we were, well… elated! Our games were pretty good, but this course just made playing fun! The massive hill in the center made shots that were normally pretty routine, challenging. The view, which would normally be surrounded by Dutch fields, became, majestic. Everything, it seemed, was just that little bit more… positive. Yes, it is safe to say, Tespelduyn was a surprising find.

Daniel gamed his newest putter, nicknamed, “BEEEEEEF!” It’s a Bradley all wood mallet putter. ( And I have to say, the thing performed! It’s a beautiful rosetta marbled wood, and the pattern looks like a steak (hence the nickname). But wow! What a feel… it. was. SOLID! Helping Daniel to even par the first time he used the thing. Pretty impressive debut.

My golden club for the day was a second hand store pick up (I have many). A several decades old Ping ChipO. 5 bucks for this thing and Daniel wanted to smash it after 4 holes. HAH! Chipped in off the green to save par on the second hole and almost birdied the third hole with it. Hit the flag on the fourth hole from 25 meters. It was absurd. Definitely, staying in the bag.

Hitting off a 30 meter high tee, holes with a very sculpted garden feel, and the course in grand condition. Just a pleasure of a day!


Well as it turned out, we went back to Tespelduyn and just a had an amazing time! (Including one of the best shots of my life… and on one of the toughest holes we have ever come across!) It was springtime! And what amazing views that afforded us, check out the video to see what I mean: