With elevated tees in the middle of a lovely part of the Dutch countryside is the Zaanse Golf Club. Daniel and I battled valiantly in a heck of a strong 10 hole match play. Some of my better golf was balanced by Daniel being his typical evil self. However, my Chip-O was in full effect bailing me out more often than not. Smooth and true greens really helped to make it exciting as well with long putts rolling nicely. Our driving, was, however, a bit of a zig zag exploration of the course which I guess is nice if you are a nature aficionado.

This is a really nice friendly club with a very good course. And yes we are biased as Daniel is a member here and even sponsors one of the holes. But there is a reason for that. Fairways that are good all year around, elevated tees, and 18 holes that play like two totally different courses make the Zaanse a joy to play. While not the most difficult or scary course, there is good distance without it being super long, and the quality makes it quite a fair course which is always nice to see. Just use some good course management and you will reap rewards here.  A real pleasure to play.

It was not our first time here though and while memories of hitting almost 20 shots in two holes as I damaged my 7 iron on a concrete bridge were firmly affixed in my head, I did not repeat those disasters this time. The battle was good indeed. To be fair, we had a great time here and, I think, Daniel and I will have to come back though for another match.

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